Solar Spectrum Filters

With more then 40 years of experience, we are your source for ultra narrow optical filters for observing the sun, ranging from the professional to the amateur alike. H alpha solar is only one of the many wavelengths we provide.

The New Suna series

TEC controlled with tilting

With the new higher current TEC's in a smaller footprint, we are now able to offer a TEC model using  an tiltable housing.

The ideal Hw for tilting

When it come to tilt tuning, the best Hw is the medium range.  The Suna  will have a Hw of .65Ang +.1/-.1 Ang. This is idea for the disk and Prominences. 

New lower cost

The Suna is ideal for the amateur looking  to get into solar Ha on a budget.

High Resolution spectrometer

When I came across the Hornet with its very high resolution in such a small housing. I thought it would be Ideal for  solar astronomy programs from high school to graduate level. 

The Hornet is ideal for studying the solar absortion lines and all of the visible Zeeman lines.

 The Hornet takes advantage of LightMachinery's line of very High Resolution compact spectrometers based on their VIPA design (Virtually Imaged Phased-Array).

Application: Light Source Measurements , Laser of any kind, Superluminescent diodes, Gas-discharge lamps,ect and Spectroscopy.

For Solar Spectroscopy, absorption lines  can be studied for doppler shifting . Zeeman lines can be measured. It can be used to monitor the Earth's atmosphere. The Hornet is the ideal spectrometer for the college and university level of studies. 


COMPARING the Hornet to a 1.5meter

The above image is to show the difference between a classic spectrometer and the Hornet.  The Hornet has the same or better resolving power, a lower cost,(1/3 the cost) and is very much smaller.

This is the future for high resolution spectrometers. 

So if you have any questions please inquire

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Bandpass filters from 380nm to 900nm


Ha line at 6562.8Ang


K-line at 3934Ang


Optical bandpass filters

Narrow or ultra narrow bandpass filters  of different designs from 380nm to 900nm.  

For the detection of lightning at 774nm, filters of 140mm diameter on Sapphire substrats, with HW's as narrow as 1nm can be supplied in a 3 cavity design.

Range of products

TEC controlled


TEC controlled ovens offer the most stable way to control the filters wavelength

Temperature controlled tiltable ovens


Tiltable ovens are good for quick Doppler tuning and general us. The temperature is controlled by a digital temperaturte controller

Conversions: strip heater to TEC


To achieve better control of the filter's wavelength, standard ovens can be converted to a TEC controlled system

Spun covers


Powder coated spun covers in a wide range of sizes, ranging from Tak60 to C-14 or larger if needed

Low cost ERF cells


Cells for most common ERF's

Custom ERF cells


Custom ERF cells are available from 50mm and up

Standard filters for H alpha

Research Grade


The Research Grade filters with their high uniformity will meet the requirements of the serious researcher. They are offered in a 18mm .3Ang+.1/-.05Ang

 32mm or 46mm CA. These filters come in Hw of .65Ang+/-.1Ang, .5Ang+.05/-.1Ang and .3Ang+.1/-0.05Ang

ASO Grade H alpha filters


The Advanced Solar Observers (ASO) are high quality bandpass filters for the advanced amateur or college level observer. They have a 32mm CA and are mounted in a precision thermoelectric controlled oven. These filters come in Hw of .65+/-.1Ang, .5Ang+.05/-.1Ang and .3Ang+.1/-0.05Ang

SO series H alpha filters


The Solar Observer series (SO) are narrow band solar filters with the amateur solar astronomer in mind.

 The SO-1.5 has a 25mm CA. These filters also come with Hw of .65Ang+/-.1Ang, .5Ang+.05/-.1Ang and .3Ang +.1/-0.05Ang

Suna series H alpha filters


The Suna series is a tiltable temperature controlled oven. They come in a 32mm CA or 25mm CA. The tilting allows quick wavelength changes for Doppler observing. They come in Hw of .65Ang+/-.1Ang,

B-1 SR controller


The B-1 SR is the standard controller for the RG and ASO ovens. It will control the oven's set point to within .1C. It operates on 12 volt DC power. It also can be used with the SO series. It provides either 12volt dc or 6.2volt dc depending on the required output voltage

B-3 controller


The B-3  controller is used for the SD filter series. It operates on 12 volt dc.

The 120 volt version can replace the out dated controller of a standard round oven.

More options

Suna series controller


The Suna controller is based on a TEC controlled chip. It is designed for the Suna series or TEC conversions. It can be designed to operates with either a 5 volt or 12 volt dc input. It has a 4/6 amp 5 volt output depending on the control chip. 

K-line or H-line


Filters in the blue end of the spectrum are less sensitive to temperature. They can be mounted either in a tiltable or TEC oven depending on the customer's needs. They are offered in 25mm, 32mm and 46mm CA.

NA filters


To take advantage of the Na lines, the bandpass needs to be narrow. Filters with .5Ang Hw would be the maximum. They really need to be in the .3Ang range to take full advantage of the line. With this narrow Hw the TEC controlled oven is required. They are offered in 25mm, 32mm, and 46mm CA.

Standard thin oven


Standard thin ovens are used for narrow, soft coated bandpass filters. These work well for optical filters  where there is no external energy that will move them off band.

Conversion: strip heater to TEC


The standard  strip heater's disadvantage is that the extra energy coming from the solar image will move the bandpass off band. The controller's set point only knows to turn off. With a TEC control, the controller can either heat or cool to maintain the correct temperature to hold the bandpass wavelength where you want it to be.

Collimated or telecentric


We can provide both collimated or telecentric designs and units for your custom needs.

We also offer standard telecentrics for most common telescopes.


Mounting Plates


The TEC and SD ovens use the same mounting plates. Most plates are double threaded for more possible combinations.

The round ovens' plates are a standard 3 hole pattern.

Front and back tubes


These tubes are for 1 1/4" and 2" eye pieces. They come with different threads to match your mounting plate's threads.

Extra long 1 1/4" and 2" front or back tubes


These are designed to replace extension tubes that are normaly used with telecentrics.

Special tubes


Any custom tube that you may need

Blocker repair and upgrades


Over time filters using soft coated blockers will degrade. They can be replaced with the same design or a new design at a reasonable cost

Special designed ovens and controllers


Your needs for special sized ovens  from 80mm to 12mm CA. With controllers that will interface with your system



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